Demo I

by Cvltist

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Avaliable on cassete format by Von Frost Records


released November 1, 2015

Music, lyrics & artwork by Cvltist
Cover art by Cesar Valladares



all rights reserved


Cvltist CT, Spain

Project influenced by old bands like Von/Mayhem/Darkthrone.
Its two members express through their primitive black metal the domain of darkness and death, through ancestral rituals and offerings to ancient hidden demons beyond space and time.

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Track Name: Opvs I - Hastur's Invocation
Ancient ritual
Summoning unnameable
Yellow king

Dead Earth
No life
Track Name: Opvs II - Worshippers of Vril
Beyond domains of death
in the most insane depths
Cosmic cataclysm...awaits

Creatures more ancient than time
who control the purest form of energy
Vril stuff, converged forces
Worshippers keep veiled
mankind under their will

God, beneath of the upcoming breed
Raising with trve power
dwellers of the deeps
they are who believe
Worshippers of VRIL!
Track Name: Opvs III - Awaking the Forgotten Gods
When the sudden night falls... Hear the calls!
When the light abruptly dies... The Old Gods arise!
When the living begin to freeze... Deadly breeze!
When the Words are being spread by the winds.

Necromantic rites
need to take some lives
A bloody sacrifice
To fulfil the Gods' desires.

A dagger to the heart
all covered in red
The bodies remain
detached from the head...
The Altar is all red...

The Awaking of the Gods!
The Forgotten Gods!

The stars are in place
to free the Power...

We are offering these sinners
as a sacrifice to the Old Gods above us
A present to satisfy Them.
Oh mighty Lords!
Take their lost souls
and let their bloody flesh rot
as part of this oblation...
Let their spirits wander forever
lost in the Worlds beyond knowledge
guarding the Dark Power of Yours.
Behold the Immortals and kneel in utter fear
or suffer evermore...!!
Track Name: Opvs IV - Apostles of Dispair
A lost artifact buried deep
As to never be seen.
Engraving patterns in it
A complex puzzle is revealed.
A portal from Hell appears
inside... (you) can only hear screams.
These beings...
Demons, angels, tortured creatures.

Box solved, no way back.
(You) summon them, you must part.
Join the evil, join the dark.
Perpetual suffering, endless delight.
Track Name: Opvs V - Burial Purity
Purity through funeral
Cyanide mass suicide

Burial Purity... our death is yours
Burial Purity... primordial's servants
Dead dreaming portal
Church of unknown

Death become us gods
Death as our freedom
Track Name: Opvs VI - Omen to the Madness
Living confusing times
my body craves what is his
I feel, I need, I would kill.
Ether inside, distorted mind.

Nightmarish illusions fully revealed.
Malevolent colossal entities.
Uncertain perception of reality.
Powerful purity... Ecstasy.

Locked in a sanatorium.
Experimenting on me.
Experimenting in a sanatorium
Locked in me...
Track Name: Opvs VII - Ascension and Void
Earthbound rites
blackened servants
witness collapse
ghoulish acts

Pestis Cruentus
Crudux Cruo
Pestis Cruentus
Vorox Marana

Architects perversion
awaiting their will
transcending void
beyond cosmos

Ruling the time
modelling the unknown
building the space
(where) humans will drown
Track Name: Opvs Ω
Repeat as mantra:

"Cruo, domus, marana
Cruento pestis shatruex
Profanuxes shaantitus infuscomus lokemundux"